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I know we could go on and on about accessibility issues but I would like to give a kudos to Cedar Point. They have updated their amusement park to be compliant with the new ADA regulations and have added elevators to make their roller coasters accessible. I would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly stories about accessibility. Please feel free to post your comments here!
Here is an interesting article:
About Accessible Taxis for EVERYONE

I been up all night reading taxi laws very few cities have any thing for the disable this needs to change!!! We have the right to equal transportation just like every one who is not disable!! We are all people and any city/county/state that has taxis must make them Accessible to the disable here in Georgia and all over the U.S.A. We tried to pass some laws but it did not happen so we will try new and more clear laws on what we need as the disable community so that other states can use as a guide and some more clear laws from the ADA on taxis limos and all businesses an government that transport people for what ever reason all fleets must be accessible on land air and sea!!!!!!!!!!

-written by: Handicap Accessible Transportation

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